Real Estate September 6, 2013

Jobs Report in! Good News. Save a Buck!

I love hearing good news, the job numbers are in and it's up 169,000.  Yeah! Unemployment in Washington down to 6.9% and in Seattle it's down to 5.5%.  We are on the slow track to recover and at least it's going in the right direction. Businesses are opening and expanding.

I know we are all smarter from what we have learned through for the last several years, it has made us smarter and wiser. Not to mention more cautious. I now know what my Grandfather, Joe meant by saying, save a buck! Back then it was a buck and today it's at least a $100's. My Grandfather lived a simple and comfortable life. He owned multiple rentals in downtown Detroit, Ouch! They where sold years ago for virtually nothing, yet it provided him and Grandma a comfortable income. Joe also had a tailor shop where he had pre-made suits and a great lay-away program.  Listen to this:  When one of his tenants needed to go to court because of non payment of rent or some other issue that he found out about, Joe had them come to his shop and he would outfit his tenant in a suit to look good. He said you always should look good when taking care of business.  He had such a big heart and great values.  Joe saw a lot in his life, from escaping the holocaust to the depression and living a long good life.  What do I take away form this?

How do I treat others?

Am I saving a buck?

What can I do for others?

How can I help the community?

What I put into this world, will it help and will anyone listen?


What does Joe (My Grandfather) have to do with the jobs numbers and unemployment? I think about how he helped put people in the right frame of mind when they where down and it gave his tenants courage and the ability to feel good about themselves so they can be a positive influence to their family and community.  Being a good contributor to society, working, paying taxes and being an asset to America instead of a liability.


I am looking forward to continuing good number reports as well as lower unemployment numbers.  While I save a buck.


Tom Fine

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