Relocated to the State's and Need a Home

To whom it may concern:

Tom Fine was our buyer's agent for our recent home purchase in Green Lake, Seattle. We have decided to open an unsolicited testimonial to his services.

Our family recently relocated from Australia to Seattle and decided to purchase a home. Luckily for us, we found Tom. Tom was able to explain the real estate market and buying and selling process in Seattle (which differs greatly from what we were used to in Australia). He was tireless in identifying properties that met our criteria and spent countless hours on the road with us explaining the positives and negatives of different localities, housing and building styles while viewing an open houses. He was very flexible and understanding in his approach and his availability.

Tom's knowledge gained as a building contractor was invaluable. He was able to walk through houses with us explaining potential benefits or pitfalls of the construction, layout, style, materials used and potential areas for improvement or maintenance. Several times he drew our attention to problems with construction that we would not otherwise have noticed.

In the end we found a house we wanted to make an offer for and Tom was able to calmly handle negotiations, helping to secure the house below the asking price in a highly competitive real estate market. He kept us in the loop every step of the way.

Subsequent to closing on the house, Tom has been happy to provide advice and expertise in relation to our plans to improve the property.

We've been impressed with Tom and would wholeheartedly recommend his services to others looking to buy or sell a home in Seattle.

The Gordon's

Wanted: A very Specific Property to Build a Custom Home in West Seattle

Real Estate Needs: Out of State Buyer, B. Morgan
Criteria: Looking to buy a very specific type property to build a custom home.
Accomplished: October 2014
Location: West Seattle

Tom Fine was very helpful as buyer's agent in connection with the 2014 purchase of a buildable lot near the Junction in West Seattle. I first met Tom on a trip to Seattle in the spring of 2014, after which I was outside Washington for virtually all the remainder of the year. On a couple of different occasions, Tom went out to inspect on the ground lots that I found on the Internet and told me that, in his view, they would not be good choices for my purposes.

After a period of looking for the right lot, Tom emailed me that a new listing might be the one, and that lot in fact turned out to be the property that we purchased. I believe the property is a good combination of the features I told Tom I was looking for in a buildable lot, and the house is currently in the design phase. Tom has a background in construction, and several of his ideas regarding what could be done with the property are reflected in the current house plans. Were it not for Tom's resourcefulness and tenacity on my behalf, I suspect that someone else would now be the owner of the property, and I'm happy that's not the case.

B. Morgan

Responsive and Helpful

June 2, 2015

Dear Tom,
Thank you for your professional assistance in helping us find a home. You were personable and attentive to our desires and needs right from the start and remained that way all throughout the process. You promptly responded when called, and several times went above and beyond to communicate and stay in touch. All of this was most reassuring and helpful, and we are grateful. Thanks again for doing what you do and for doing it so well.

Kind regards,

John and Marissa Kiemele