Community West Seattle New Starbucks and Chipotle are Coming to the Alaska Junction It was just released on the Seattle DPD, (Department of Planning and Development) site that permits are being submitted for spaces on the East side of California just South of Alaska Avenue. It looks like Starbucks will be on the SE corner of Alaska and California and Chipotle will be approx. across the street from […]
Community Elon Musk plans to build Hyperloop Elon Musk plans to build Hyperloop test track SpaceX and Tesla CEO wants to speed up the development of a 800-mph tube transport — and is willing to pay for testing in Texas to make it happen. by Nick Statt @nickstatt January 15, 2015 1:00 PM PST comments Elon Musk calls the Hyperloop a fifth […]
Real Estate I love working with my clients! November 5, 2014 To Whom it May Concern: Tom Fine was our buyer’s agent for our recent home purchase in Green Lake, Seattle. We have decided to pen an unsolicited testimonial to his services. Our family recently relocated from Australia to Seattle and decided to purchase a home. Luckily for us, we found Tom. Tom […]
Real Estate What Does Your Realtor Know? When I go to purchase items whether it is a small item or large, I look to the salesperson to be knowledgeable about what they are selling, don’t you? So I turn the tables and say here are some questions to ask your Realtor. What should you expect out of a Realtor? Let’s discuss the […]
Real Estate Understanding Closing on your New Home So you are going to buy a home and you hear the word Closing, Title, Escrow, what does this mean to you and how does it affect you and the buying or selling of a property. Closing is also known as the settlement, the settlement of the property you are buying or selling. The settlement […]
Real Estate Down Payment Assistance and Closing Costs Program Available Through WSHFC A great chance for home buyers to take advantage of a State program that provides an opportunity to get down payment assistance and closing costs at a great interest rate of 0% sand deferred up to 30 years. Don't miss this opportunity, contact Tom to see how to take advantage today and enjoy what the state is dishing out.
Real Estate Great Video Called a Time-lapse Study It is great when we run accross articles, videlo's or photo's of great substance or content. A photographer and director made this Timelapse video and I am fan of cideos like these. Durring my contruction days, weeks, months  well years, I loved to create timelapse photogtraphy. if shows so much in such a short time. […]
Real Estate Contractor experience adds unmatched value in home-buying process Realtors come from many different backgrounds—sales, IT, and consulting—to name a few. My experience as a former general contractor/builder is a huge advantage for my clients. Of all of the possible background for real estate sales, which experience brings the most to the client’s search, assessment, and negotiation process? I realize that I can’t be […]
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Tips, Trends & Living How long do things last in your home? The life span of your household components Nothing in life lasts forever – and the same can be said for your home. From the roof to the furnace, every component of your home has a life span, so it’s a good idea to know approximately how many years of service you can expect from them. […]
Real Estate What Happened with Housing in January and What to Expect     The beginning of February brings us with an incredible time for sellers, it is a sellers market with limited inventory and lower interest rates. Buyers are having a tough time with the limited inventory, that are stimulating multiple offers and offers going over 15% above listing price in some instances.       […]
Real Estate Are you thinking of a new neighborhood to live in? Let’s talk about Wedgwood.   Seattle is so fortunate to have many great neighborhoods. It's all about what you are looking for?  Location close to Amazon, Broadway, Downtown, need to be North of town? Well there are others that are located in great areas, Ballard, West Seattle, Capitol Hill and on.  I am not here to talk about these […]
Real Estate Properties For Sale, what I look for, are you looking at them the same way?   Every day I am looking at properties, for my clients (Buyers & Investors) all over town from Capitol Hill heading South thru Mt. Baker, Seward Park and then West to West Seattle and then NW, to Magnolia and Ballard.  Don't get me wrong; I hit a lot more neighborhoods besides these.   What I […]
Real Estate Don’t Throw your Money Away! Use the Referral From your Realtor   Do you like to throw your money away? If you are like me, I value my money and don't like throwing money away. Don't get me wrong, I do buy things once in a while that might be ridiculous, but at least I am making that choice.  When you pick a mortgage broker, because […]
Real Estate Tree Masters Makes a Tall Order   Tree houses like none other, a creative contractor is creating some very unique and fun tree houses. Mike Nelson from Fall City, Washington, (Northeast of Seattle) Mike creates a magical outdoor space, bringing happiness in many forms. Mike Nelson is a bubbly energetic contractor with incredible vision. These tree houses are not the typical […]
Real Estate Real Estate Sales Volume Numbers in Sales Up 17% in NW Region (Seattle and Surrounding Areas)   #'s going up and Down, see the text below for clarification on which numbers are doing what Great News, the numbers are in for real estate sales in the Pacific NW for 2013.  The sales numbers compared to the year before are up 17% equating to 11,000 more properties.  Who wants to argue that […]
Tips, Trends & Living Options to Keep our Parents in their Homes as Long as Possible Many seniors prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. Of course, your ability to do this hinges on many factors, including the nature of the challenges you face in your current home. Major home renovations may be required, but there are also numerous inexpensive steps you can take to improve your living […]
Real Estate 17 Steps to Purchasing a Home   Here 17 Steps to purchasing a home.  This list will prove guidance to understanding the steps to obtaining a home. As any investment person would say, create a realistic budget and stick with it. This will give you a good perspective of what you can afford a month for a mortgage payment. The realtor […]
Real Estate Buying a New Home, What Steps to Take? Thinking of buying a home? What are the first steps? What do you do?   These steps below will get you started in the right direction.  The best thing to do is to engage with a professional Broker (Realtor) that you work wwell togetrher with. They will should have  aprocess that will make the home […]
Real Estate What Do Buyers and Sellers Pay in Closing Costs? If you’ve never been through a real estate closing before, you might imagine convening around a large table where, at the end of escrow, you’re presented with an itemized list of big expenses required to close the deal. But that’s not always the reality. While people still do meet around a table at the closing, […]
Real Estate Great Financing Program Available!   Cornerstone Home Lending is offering a 12 day quick close and backs it up wit a guarantee if it doesn't close in 12 days you get $1,500 credit at closing. The Cornerstone Express Program in addition to this program there is the 90 day lock and it can adjust down. To learn more about […]