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Real Estate Great Financing Program Available!   Cornerstone Home Lending is offering a 12 day quick close and backs it up wit a guarantee if it doesn't close in 12 days you get $1,500 credit at closing. The Cornerstone Express Program in addition to this program there is the 90 day lock and it can adjust down. To learn more about […]
Real Estate The Fine Logo Appears         Yeah! The Fine Logo has appeared. From this logo you will know that you are dealing with Tom Fine of Fine Homes NW, Inc. working in the Windermere Capitol Hill office. You will be guided thru the transactions with a process that provides efficiency from the selling side and the Buyers advantages.  With […]
Real Estate A New Meaning for a Split Level                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This Beacon Hill Split Level totaly changes the view of what we have known a split level to be.  It has a great street appeal and it's open feeling makes this a great place to live, entertain and relax.  The location is on Beacon Hill and is coinvient to schools adn the freeway. This […]
Real Estate Incredible Madrona Home Ready for New Owners   What Great Views and a Wonderful Home! Come to Madrona, Don't forget to explore the tunnel to the garage. There are s may great features of this home, from the beautiful renovated home, the kitchen, bathrooms, the millwork, the comfortable living spaces and the basement area that has the exposed basement walls that give […]
Real Estate Tom Fine is Ready to Help You! Hello family and friends, Do you know a real estate agent who offers 24-hour service? A Realtor that is not afraid to ask and negotiate about difficult issues? One that represents his clients with exceptional professionalism? Comes with a background in home construction and renovation? Now you do!   This is an exciting time for […]
Real Estate Jobs Report in! Good News. Save a Buck! I love hearing good news, the job numbers are in and it's up 169,000.  Yeah! Unemployment in Washington down to 6.9% and in Seattle it's down to 5.5%.  We are on the slow track to recover and at least it's going in the right direction. Businesses are opening and expanding. I know we are all […]
Real Estate How to Sell your Home, Several Simple Steps to Increase the Value of you Home This is scary, challenging and exciting all at the same time. The thought of selling your biggest investment.  Well being wise and realistic you'll do fine. I knw you're thinking you can do the FSBO, of course as a realtor I don't believe in FSBO (For Sale By Owner), here you have your biggest asset […]
Real Estate Houses are Moving and We Just Closed on Another Great One and On-Time! In this challenging market, finding a house is hard enough and then meeting all the criteria is another challenge and finally the sellers looking to close as soon as possible. Another challenge was my client wanted to use a good friend of his that worked for one of the larger banks in the country, of […]
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